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Global Impact: Hymax Industries proudly exports its innovative products to countries across Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. Our materials transcend borders to contribute to sustainable construction practices globally.
In a world striving to reduce carbon emissions, Hymax Industries stands as a beacon of sustainability. Our GGBS and Ultrafine GGBS serve as effective alternatives to traditional cement, contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon footprints in construction projects.
Innovative construction materials

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Logistics and Shipping Information

At Hymax Industries, we understand the importance of smooth logistics and shipping processes for our international clients. We provide comprehensive information and assistance regarding logistics, ensuring that your orders reach you efficiently and on time.

Air Freight

For time-sensitive deliveries, we offer air freight services to ensure swift transportation of your orders to their destination.

Sea Freight

For larger shipments or destinations accessible by sea, our sea freight services provide a cost-effective and reliable option for shipping your products.

Rail Freight

Our rail freight services offer an efficient transportation solution for landlocked regions or areas with well-developed rail infrastructure.

Sea Freight
Rail Freight


Documentation and Compliance Assistance

Navigating export documentation and compliance requirements can be challenging. That’s why we offer dedicated assistance to ensure that all necessary documentation is in order and that your exports comply with relevant regulations and standards.

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