Eco friendly material for Home Construction

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Welcome to Hymax Industries – your go-to source for Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), a top-notch eco-friendly material for concrete. We take pride in our cutting-edge facilities and commitment to excellence, making us a premier GGBS manufacturer in India.

GGBS, a vital ingredient in our production process, starts as a by-product from blast furnaces. Through rapid cooling with high-pressure water jets, we create granular particles. Our advanced techniques ensure top-quality GGBS.

Transforming granulated slag into GGBS involves precise methods like drying and grinding in specialized mills. The result? A finely powdered material perfect for durable and sustainable concrete structures.

Our GGBS stands out for its low global warming potential, just 60.21 kg CO2 equivalent, as per Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) data. This makes it a leader in environmental sustainability.

At Hymax Industries, we’re passionate about offering eco-friendly solutions for construction. Our GGBS has a rich history, starting with its use in European maritime structures in the early 20th century. Today, it’s a global favorite for creating lasting structures.

Choose Hymax Industries for your construction needs and join us in building a sustainable future where innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Eco friendly material for Home Construction

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Exploring New Approaches to Eco-Friendly Building

Discovering innovative methods for sustainable building practices, we’re committed to reducing environmental impact while ensuring structural durability. Our relentless pursuit of eco-friendly solutions drives us to explore new avenues in construction. Join us in creating a greener, more sustainable future through our forward-thinking approach.

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